«Is You»

You push me beyond my limits,
and I feel fully live my own life.
In you I met myself
and I looked over,
beyond unimaginable limits.
I looked deep into your eyes,
trying to understand you,
but I saw everything about me,
I never wanted to see.
I saw my weakness and my insecurity,
my guilt and my complexes,
my fears and my impatience.
I saw my darkness and my demons.
So, I looked further,
and deep in my heart, a stormy sea,
a vast ocean where you can dive and get lost,
and there in the depths of my soul, I understood!
I took pleasure and pride
in understanding what I feel today,
in knowing who they really are today.
Now, I know that I love beautiful things,
I know that I love everything that life offers me,
and one of those is you.

© Paulo Coelho

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